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Friday, January 24, 2014

WV House Bill 4135. Please sign this petition!

Please sign this petition!

The West Virginia House of Delagates passed House Bill 4135 unanimously (with two abstaining) on January 21, 2014.  This bill establishes a West Virginia Day of Prayer on the same day as the National Day of Prayer.  The bill 
can be read in its entirety here. 

A state-established Day of Prayer? Really? What happened to the separation of church and state?

We’re fighting this bill here in West Virginia, and, really, this kind of thing should be fought around the world. There is already a nation-wide Day of Prayer, and this ushering of religion into politics is unacceptable. Religion should have absolutely no role in politics.

You can help me out by signing this petition against the bill. 

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Hali's Journey- #3 - Religion & Disrespect

Today, I read the first chapter of the God delusion. As a Christian, I am reading this book to have a better understanding of atheistic ideas and to shape my own faith, no matter which way it may lead me.

I know that Dustin has already made a post about respect and religion. But since this is my journey, and it is a chapter in the book, I am making this post as well.

In chapter 1 of Dawkins' book, I learned that religion is taking a ridiculous amount of undeserved respect, more respect that any other matter has ever received. This is one thing that I am sure that Reeves (author of the Dawkins delusion, retorting the god delusion) will not change my mind about.

I know from experience, being a high school senior, that when you are in school, you can talk about just about anything. You can bring up the government, the fight that happened last week, gay rights, the constitution, etc. But when someone, atheists especially, bring up religion, they are hushed. Someone gets mad, or asks them to talk about something else. Why is that? Why do people with religion believe that it is such a holy subject?

What is the difference between discussing presidential candidates and discussing different Gods, or the lack thereof? There is no difference! When this country was given freedom of speech, its' people were given freedom to speak for or against religion, and it's time that those against religion are allowed to begin exercising that right!

I, myself, am guilty of expecting said respect. Last year, when Dustin was a senior in the high school I am now a senior at, we were sitting at lunch and he began to show me and a friend of ours bumper stickers that made jokes against religion. They both began to laugh, and I got extremely offended, and walked away. However, now that I see that I was expecting a respect that I really didn't deserve, I would like to apologize to the both of you.

Now, I am not saying that you should start respecting everyone's beliefs, no matter the subject. Also, I am not saying that you should go out and start being extremely hateful to those who have religion because "they don't deserve respect." That is not what I am getting at at all!

What I am saying is, if you go out and are mean to a gay kid about his sexual preferences, then expect someone to be mean to you about your belief in a god, or your lack of belief in a god. If you are a straight Christian and you argue with a gay atheist about his sexual preferences and his lack of religion, expect him to stick up for himself.. Expect him to tell you that you are wrong, just as you are telling him that he is wrong! This respect, or lack of respect, can be exercised in many different situations.. But it is time that people start giving everyone the same respect, or lack of respect, religious or not.


Hali's Journey- #2!

Hello guys!

Yesterday, I was facebooked a message from a reader. Although a rude message, and might I add, I know who you are and you aren't getting to him.. However, the message did have a good point to it. If I am going to read the god delusion, I should get both sides of the story, right? The reader asked me to read a book called the Dawkins delusion, which refutes the god delusion entirely.
Above, you can see that I have purchased the God delusion AND the Dawkins delusion. I will be reading the Dawkins delusion directly after reading the God delusion!

The reading begins today!

Thank you guys for following me!