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Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

And Now for a Short Dawkins Clip...

Just a short video to hold you guys over.  It's going to be very busy over the next few weeks due to finals.

Your Friend,



Kevin Klosski said...


Interesting Dustin did not interact with my rebuttal of his rant against absolute morality. I know he has school and lot to do.

Also interesting how Dawkins begin cherry picking what he considers the bad things of religion. No one said stoning was for all times all though in the New Testament God does say He will Judge Adultery. I could cherry pick the bad things from atheism and show that religion is better. In our country's past adultery was a crime, spitting on the ground was a crime, cursing in public was a crime. But sinful morality is taking over and God is judging this nation. He even says in Romans chapter 1 he gives the homosexual over to his sin as judgement so that he will be entangled in the sin and believe a lie, Sin in the eyes of a Holy God will be punished because there is absolute morals,

This is what is funny though. Dawkins wants to form our own society's morality by thought,reason, argument and discussion. Sounds so good. But what standard will we invent these morals. Who will make up the committee. That's not fair because I am sure everyone will have their own view. This is what is happening with the United States right now. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes.

So I Still ask you Dustin, on what ground or standard do you judge what is good or evil, even though 1000 other of your atheist friends may disagree with you. If it is not absolute, is it relative or something else how do you distinguish between good and evil. Heck what ground will you, the Deluded Dawkins and all of the United States Society judge good and evil when you think out,reason and discuss your new morality.

It has been tried before by other societies you know. Germany twice. Look at China and the way their people are treated, Russia, The Roman Empire in the Past.

The fact remains you want to suppress absolute laws so you can practice your unrighteousness without the interruption of a Wrathful Holy God in your Conscience while you practice your new morality. Trust me the time is coming when he will throw more than stones.

Please answer the question, how do you judge or distinguish from what is good and evil right now. By what standard?

Kevin Klosski said...

Dustin I challenge you to post this video from youtube. Watch the whole video. I could not believe it, the man whose name is Greg Bahnsen is asking the same question I am asking you to answer. I believe it is a serious blow to the atheist position.matter in motion. Will you post it?